Problem: One of Oracle's first vertical application areas was Manufacturing. The competition was ASK. How do you make a preemptive move in a new market?

Solution: A hard-hitting technical assessment of ASK technology. Some of my favorite copy lines include "Kiss ASK goodbye" and "Call 1-800-ORACLE1. We're kicking ASK and taking names." Result of Campaign: ASK went completely crazy and never recovered. I came in and debriefed some the top sales people from ASK (Oracle hired the best of them). ASK reacted to the Oracle assault by preannouncing products that weren't ready to ship. As a result, their existing sales pipeline dried up, quarter-to-quarter profitability went into the toilet and down went their stock. Then some genius talked them into buying Ingres, maybe using the logic that they could do some Oracle payback. Great logic. ASK and Ingres are now owned by CA. Selah.